Assallam-O-Allyikum and Welcome!

My name is Akmal Mansur Rajput, I live in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am very ardent towards writing; mostly I try to write what’s on my mind in free style writing, I mostly use simple English words, as you can see in my blog posts, Because I am of the believe that words speak for them self. It don’t really matter if you are using heavy English or simple.
Along with writing, I like to listen to music; I also enjoy singing along with playing my guitar. I have composed many tunes from my guitar. One thing I noticed that words and music have one thing in common they can speak if written or composed with heart. I have added a page for Music. You fill find all my very favorite songs on that page. I will update the page often. So you can always stop by and check for the latest updates!
Politics is always been a catch-22, a free topic to discuss any where you go. One of my teacher used to say, there are two things which you can always talk with a stranger or in a unfamiliar gathering, that is “Weather and Politics”. I too am very interested in talking and writing about politics. So I try to add up-to-date News along with it Views in the blog posts!
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Akmal Mansur Rajput!